This place is alive. I can feel it.

It is bigger than anybody could even imagine. It expands seemingly infinitely in all directions. It’s a maze of connected rooms, deep ravines and caverns. No matter where you go, it doesn’t stop, it just keeps getting deeper. It is so easy to get lost.

No two places are quite the same, either. Some halls seem to go on forever, and have doors lining the walls all the way, each labeled, leading into a small room. These small rooms are each unique as well.

In other places, there are large rooms with many branches coming off, in the forms of other rooms and small hallways. Everything feels more liberating around these places, where as some rooms can be very confining.

I love wandering these halls, exploring this hidden land. I could spend an eternity here. It is my heaven.

This is the labyrinth I call my mind.


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