Hundreds come to the pier that night, to see the wonderful display of pyrotechnics for the seafood festival. The smell of fish and lobster drifts through the air. The air is humid, but it isn’t too hot. The ocean is calm. The wooden planks that the pier consists of are a little uneven, but feel supportive enough. This is a good night.

The fireworks begin. The booms are muffled by the moisture in the air, so they aren’t as sharp. They are almost calming, as calming as a rapid series of mid air explosions can be. Some sit and watch, some take out cameras to take pictures, maybe to post online afterwards and show everyone what a great time they’re having.

It’s interesting that the fireworks are seen differently by every person. They’re the same fireworks, the same display, but everyone sees them from a different angle, a different perspective.

This is true with everything. All situations are seen differently by everyone involved. Whether or not it’s the same circumstances, it affects people differently. Because everyone sees things from a different angle and perspective, no two are exactly alike.

After all, isn’t that what makes us as humans beautiful?


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