Still Remains

Far away, there is a small island, preserved by time.

On this island resides a great willow tree, which is as old as the island itself. The island is surrounded with flowers that color the land. Under the great willow is where he lies forever, endless time.

The young girl placed him here, let him rest here forever. Her undying love for him takes the form of a sweet melody that always plays, but never gets old.

She still visits him, on the days that she’s lonely, that she needs someone there. And he is always there, and always will be– forever, endless time.

Today, an unrecognized visitor comes to his island. He never gets visitors other than her. The visitor approaches and speaks.

“Hello, Isaiah. This place is beautiful.”

The melody continues softly playing, there is a light breeze. He sits.

“She made this all for you. She loves you that much.”

Speaking to Isaiah is a great pleasure to him, and for so long he has wanted to.

“You two are a great example of something I strongly believe, and wish I could make more believe. Love that is true will always overcome death. I know that she will see you again, and you will see her again. Have patience, have hope, have faith.”

He felt the whole land sigh, as if some tension had been released. This was just what he’d hoped for.

“Goodbye for now. I will return, I promise.”

As he stands, he says one last thing.

“Remember this for me, and for her.”

The land, the flowers, the great willow, and Isaiah wait for his response.

“You are loved, Isaiah.”

He walks on to his next destination.


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